Birth of the Jesus

Birth of the Jesus

This is a controversial topic, and I am not here for putting more than a mere opinion that’s floating around and being gossiped about.

Discovery published a documentary recently, which said that until 300 years ago, nowhere in Europe, was the birth of Jesus celebrated on 24 Dec. In fact, there were no celebrations in the Churches, because the main theme of the religious practices was to repent for our sins for which Jesus sacrificed himself. But then, the church needed more followers and celebrations was the only way to get them. They noticed another festival that happens on the same days, end of december. So they linked the birth of Jesus to it.

In fact, the dates of inception of Jesus is clearly mentioned and the 24 Dec birth would mean that he was born a premature baby in 7th month, which is not mentioned anywhere.

Well, if you disagree with these opinions, you are free to have your opinions and beliefs.


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  1. Its a well documented fact that Jesus was not born on 24th December evening. It was a pagan festival linked to the worshiping of nature and coincides with the winter solstice (the longest day of winter, after which the sun begins its northward journey). When the church was being formed, many rituals were adopted under the gamut of Christianity and given different interpretations.

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