The Twenty Second Januaries

Here I came

in the 1980s

on a 22nd January

And it becomes

such a special day

every year

and again.

They say its a day

When the universe showers

A thousand blessings

And a gift to cherish

The fact that you were born

is recalled and rejoiced

For the presence got a form

and is seen so bright!

Especially with art of living family around, the birthdays are a boon!

Expected as well as un-expected calls came! Some were so much amazing. Then it was like I was full of wishes and happiness, and couldn’t take anymore! Then on I just left it on others to keep wishing for their own happiness!

Many cakes got cut! Starting with one in Elita followup! Then one at BTM Center. Then Third at home when our YES!+ Gang had dropped home. then evening Satsang I got nice mala in Bal Mandir Satsang and came back home to get a surprise party! The preparations were ON, and to my surprise they were even decorating the hall! They were writing HAPPY BIRTHDAY with those paper designs. Since time was less, I said leave it at Happy itself. The design still clings on our walls!

Then we danced and danced till we got tired, Aditi sang Gurupuja, we ate and ate the tasty dinner made by Jai and Divakar, Rohit. Aditi – Shailendra gifted one nice T Shirt. All in all a great day of birthday celebrations.


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