Eggless cooker cake!


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Eggless cooker cake!

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Eggless cooker Cake Mix (Vanilla or chocolate)   {I have used pilsbury brand from some supermarkets.Even other cake mix you can use with same procedure. instead of eggs use one spoon oil or 100 gm butter.}

Chocolate sauce


Wheat Flour




Make Cake batter using cake mix, molten butter 50 gm, two spoon oil. Grease the pan with butter and wheat floor. Pour the Cake batter. Heat in oven or pressure cooker without whistle for 25 min. Remove cover and heat for 5 more minutes to dry the cake.The cake is done when a knife inserted comes out clean. Let the cake cool down for one hour in a dry container.  Decorate with chocolate sauce and Gems.

The procedure to place the baking vessel inside the cooker is as follows:-

Put a stand for the vessel in the cooker, of about 1 inch height. it should allow flow of steam if generated. e.g. inverted katori won’t allow. fill water till the height of that stand or little more. and on top of the stand the baking container.

Greasing the pan is important to make it easy for removing the cake. Any unevenness on the cake surface can be hidden behind the chocolate sauce! 😉


Cashews, dryfruits can also be added in the batter. Chocolate chips put inside the batter can melt within and give the effect of Choco Lava as they serve in some pizza outlets.


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