Spiritual Ambulance

Flashback to the 3rd day of my 2nd YES!+ in Mysore. It was friday. The fridays are for the Devi Puja. In Ashram every friday morning there will be an elaborate Devi Puja.

To my surprise and pleasure Guruji visited Mysore on that day !! 🙂

He was supposed to arrive at around 10:30.

All hustle and rush, we got ready and reached the Mysore Ashram,a scenic place at the foothills of Chamundeshwari Devi Temple. We cleaned up, decorated the hall, the pathway was put with a red carpet, rangoli got put up and Lalita Sahasranam chanting started.We had got the news that He is visiting the temple first and then coming to the Ashram. We got on our three bikes and started our climb uphill !

on the way up, we were crossed by Police jeep, a series of cars and … Guruji’s car with a blue siren lamp on it!! 🙂 I was thrilled to follow the entourage! Of course, on the uphill, the cars went zooommmm! Soon we reached the temple to see them parked and the Master had entered temple. the Q was huge, so we bought special entrance tickets and went in. It was so wonderful to see the deity and then Guruji doing offerings in a Yagnya being performed. Swami ji also accompanied him. there was a group of devotees too following him. He took good amount of time and then moved ahead. The crowd was amused, charmed and blessed with his presence! Those who came to see the divine that day had the divine visiting them!

I went ahead downhill, thinking I may have missed Guruji’s superfast train of cars to the Ashram at the foot hill. I had some difficulty on the roads, so I asked for directions and continued downhill. And there it is! The siren and series of Cars! they crossed me and this time since it was downhill, I could keep track. I saw the cars taking a slight de-tour and it seemed as if Guruji’s cars were avoiding some one-way down the hill. Soon on the platau and it was easier to follow the cars because of some traffic they faced. Soon we reached another temple! to my surprise! The temple got filled with Guruji and his devotees. we went to other side branch of the temple where the Shiva linga is honored. Took teertham and left after Guruji.

The next part of the travel following His cars was through city! at times they went so much ahead that I almost lost track! but soon I caught up. it turned out that we had visited a temple on the other side of the foothill of Chamundeshwari. Soon we reached Ashram. Guruji said,” Till 2011 its like an examination time for all the Sadhak s. keep doing your sadhana, seva, satsang. in 2012 there will be change! ”

After another close darshan with the Guru, we left for the city, where He visited few devotees’ houses. it was so wonderful to see Him so closely and visiting even not-so-big houses.

When we departed, there was contentment more than what I could hold on to. The Spiritual Ambulance had moved on to Mandya and Bangalore … Many more hungry for the solace to the hearts, a glimpse of their dear one waiting there!


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