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A Guardian of Mantras

Mantras help transcend the mind and those who chant mantras are Guardians of Mantras.

My mother did her MA Samskrit in recent years.That was after many years of being out of academics, raising us children, traveling where my father’s posting would be. Then she joined the Samskrit Purohit class, learning how to chant Puja s and Rudram- the Shiva’s special puja.

She has an amazing vocabulary of Samskrit, Marathi and English!

The best cook in the world, her most time goes house keeping, cooking, looking after her grandson.

She loves tourism. With me, she travelled up and down the India for my chess tournaments. Recent years she visited Goa, Char Dham Yatra in north- the one consisting of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Then she went to Leh-Ladakh. Then to the Swargarohan path of Pandavas. And some more places in North near Himalayas. Of course, with my father.



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An honest man

My father has served the Indian Government Public Health Services department for last 40+ years! 

He is known for his honesty from the bottom to the top in the department. People from all over Maharashtra have a story to tell about him. He did this good thing and that good thing, and that too without a single rupee of bribe. 

A devout person, I haven’t seen him missing his pujas in the morning for past many years.

There was never a sense of scarcity that he let us sons feel in our life.  There is always an abundance of things and we got much more than what we needed and much more in advance too! 

Here is a Father and Son song.