How a smoker can teach you Physics and Spirituality

For the first time in a company of someone who had just smoked and come, I didn’t get a feeling of “Irk, why am I here!?”

I could easily sense he had smoked and then realized that the smoke was stored in his lungs. And coming out in bits and pieces, traveling in air and entering into my nose and of course then in my lungs I believe.

This is similar to the Physics Experiments in Fluid Dynamics, you can’t see the air currents, water currents, unless you put say an ink in the water currents or some light powder in the air currents. These are called Tracers. They show the path.

File:Cessna 182 model-wingtip-vortex.jpg

A model Cessna with helium-filled bubbles showing pathlines of the wingtip vortices. From Wikipedia:-

So here the smoke acted as Tracer of Air that is flowing around, from lungs of other person to my nose and my lung! reminded me of comments of Sri Sri that we are all connected, the breath that you and your neighbor take in and out are shared!

so lets go element by element. Earth element between you and neighbor are different of course. Air is same as long as you are close enough. water is separate.  So is fire. How about Space!? Do you really carry the space you have inside you when you move around!? do you in fact have anything to control over the space you are in!? right now you are there in that space, after some time, someone else will be. you in fact move in space.

Subtler than 5 elements of body, the breath is the mind. Is the mind connected/not connected!? its connected through the speech you have with the next person. So also the intellect, memory Ego. If you don’t speak then also it is connected! because non-speech has its own implications! Another connection between mind-intellect-memory-Ego is through  non verbal communication, the actions, the unspoken feelings, but these connections are subtle and available for those who are sensitive.

Beyond these levels its an ocean of consciousness! Bodies are shells on the ocean of consciousness – Sri Sri says..

How interesting that someone who is smoking can tell you so much physics and spirituality! 🙂 😉




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