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The truth that does not nourish love has no sense and the love that cannot withstand the truth is not true love. When one is assured that the love is so strong that the truth can neither break it nor cause bitterness, then the truth prevails and love shines.

Truth has judgments, but true love is beyond judgments. Thus true love makes you weak and yet it is the greatest strength.

Saw Pune Ashram! It was wonderful to see it on the sides of Triveni Sangam. The architecture is innovative and non-standard, it has creativity in every small detail. Reminds one of the Bangalore Ashram.

Went to Alandi first time. Place where Sant Dnyaneshwar took Samadhi. What kind of state of mind he must be in, at 18 years of age, to walk in and leave the body in the room. A complete knowledge of world, spirit, situations around, a state of dispassion, detachment from body and all worldly activities. and much more i guess.

The darshan of padukas for few seconds brought some shift in the mind. There are some trees there which are apparently present for 700 years. While quoting the Samadhi, another saint, Sant Namdev says, now the Sun has left. Dinkar Lopala.

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That which is yours, will never leave you. Love and Compassion are your nature. They will never leave you.

Love for what is, is happiness. Love for what is not, is sorrow.

All you have to remember is how very fortunate you are. You become unhappy when you forget this.

For a moment, remove yourself from the world. And see everything as happening. And then put yourself back into the world. And see that everything is happening.

Rest and activity are complimentary. Wanting to rest makes you restless.

You are bigger than your emotions. Soften your emotions and sharpen your intellect.

When you are ready to learn something new, you are young.

People are stuck on three cities. Ego, Karma and Illusion.

Follow your heart.

Avadhan. Remembering the sequence in which things are told.

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The adventure continued working for college courses with an ever enthusiastic team of teachers and volunteers. They were so driven for the knowledge, the commitment and continuity was amazing. Then I moved to Physics again, this time teaching some MSc students on a temporary basis. I taught many topics, the Lasers, Mathematical methods in Physics, Computational methods, Electronics and general physics labs. It was rediscovering the physicist in me.

As I was getting less time for research, I left teaching, and joined few research meets and did a project at IISc. the group there was very systematic and worked very well. Astronomy has a bright future now, with lots of missions coming up and the fundings being made available. Scene in India is also on improvement.

Life in Ashram has many colors and entering the Ashram gate feels like opening a freezer on a sunny day ! The whole service attitude of the Ashramites is different than many others elsewhere. The things work in a harmony that is unparalleled elsewhere. People come and fill their jars of life with happiness and love. They move on and the Guru keeps disseminating knowledge like the Sun radiates his light.