One fine evening my friend introduced me to CEO of Arcadix and a whole new avenue opened up in my life.

Arcadix is a very interesting company, providing adaptive examination suite to European clients. Based in Europe, the company has a Development center in Bengaluru. My work was an interesting collaboration with Cambridge university. I learnt lot of psychometry – science of measuring ability of a student and difficulty of a question – and used it for application in the company.

Screen shot 2016-05-28 at 3.15.22 AM

The company is really cool and filled me with lots of knowledge. The productivity went up higher as team expanded, I made many new friends and it was a great team.

We played Holi together, had great time on fuss-ball table and celebrated colleagues birthdays with lots of fun. Friday evenings was a party and game time. Company HR organized one cool picnic too!

The company went up as we got new clients.  We completed our projects much before the due date. Overall it was a great new learning and experience.


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