World Culture Festival

I could’t go to the World Culture Festival 2011, in Berlin. But the Visit to Delhi WCF 2016 was greatly compensating. The event saw remarkable performances by the best artists.



It was a who’s who and I am very glad that I was there.

Guruji’s presence and speeches were just too good.

Prior to that I spent relentless months in Ashram volunteering with equally enthusiastic team of Ashramites. The whole atmosphere in the Ashram exuberant with confidence that the whole world belongs to us and we belong to the whole one world family.

I met many saints, senior sadhaks , excellent sevaks and some very charming and astoundingly beautiful angels too! The days past in a great speed and amazingly the time seemed to have come to a standstill in the same happening. I made many new friends and discovered many old friends too.

Guruji kept the rhythm of the activity high and peaceful and yet so very charming.

Once in a lifetime, a very memorable event, thanks to the excellent teamwork by all the organizers, volunteers, good wishers and alike.


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