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Vashistha’s teachings

Ashram days were filled with many interesting things including the sessions on Yoga Vashishtha by Nakul Bhaiyya . Movies like matrix, inception are inspired from this scripture. but careful! If you are not meditating regularly, this book is not for you, except for chapter one may be! Else you will go coockoo or think like you are playing jumanji. You can see the videos of talks by Nakul bhaiyya here. The original scripture is huge and the english translation is available in this book.Page 87 is particularly interesting! I laugh out loud reading it 🙂 Only a saint can think or write like that !

The book with its perplexing stories and words of wisdom about brahman takes you out of misery of mind caught up in small small things and concepts about life. The dialogue of this scripture happened between Lord Shri Ram and Vashishta Rishi in the royal court of King Dasharatha. The maturity of questions asked by Ram at the age of 16 and detailed answers by the sages are of great value and wisdom at today’s world too.

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Eggless cooker cake!


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Eggless cooker cake!

Reply Enjoy!    


Eggless cooker Cake Mix (Vanilla or chocolate)   {I have used pilsbury brand from some supermarkets.Even other cake mix you can use with same procedure. instead of eggs use one spoon oil or 100 gm butter.}

Chocolate sauce


Wheat Flour




Make Cake batter using cake mix, molten butter 50 gm, two spoon oil. Grease the pan with butter and wheat floor. Pour the Cake batter. Heat in oven or pressure cooker without whistle for 25 min. Remove cover and heat for 5 more minutes to dry the cake.The cake is done when a knife inserted comes out clean. Let the cake cool down for one hour in a dry container.  Decorate with chocolate sauce and Gems.

The procedure to place the baking vessel inside the cooker is as follows:-

Put a stand for the vessel in the cooker, of about 1 inch height. it should allow flow of steam if generated. e.g. inverted katori won’t allow. fill water till the height of that stand or little more. and on top of the stand the baking container.

Greasing the pan is important to make it easy for removing the cake. Any unevenness on the cake surface can be hidden behind the chocolate sauce! 😉


Cashews, dryfruits can also be added in the batter. Chocolate chips put inside the batter can melt within and give the effect of Choco Lava as they serve in some pizza outlets.

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The Twenty Second Januaries

Here I came

in the 1980s

on a 22nd January

And it becomes

such a special day

every year

and again.

They say its a day

When the universe showers

A thousand blessings

And a gift to cherish

The fact that you were born

is recalled and rejoiced

For the presence got a form

and is seen so bright!

Especially with art of living family around, the birthdays are a boon!

Expected as well as un-expected calls came! Some were so much amazing. Then it was like I was full of wishes and happiness, and couldn’t take anymore! Then on I just left it on others to keep wishing for their own happiness!

Many cakes got cut! Starting with one in Elita followup! Then one at BTM Center. Then Third at home when our YES!+ Gang had dropped home. then evening Satsang I got nice mala in Bal Mandir Satsang and came back home to get a surprise party! The preparations were ON, and to my surprise they were even decorating the hall! They were writing HAPPY BIRTHDAY with those paper designs. Since time was less, I said leave it at Happy itself. The design still clings on our walls!

Then we danced and danced till we got tired, Aditi sang Gurupuja, we ate and ate the tasty dinner made by Jai and Divakar, Rohit. Aditi – Shailendra gifted one nice T Shirt. All in all a great day of birthday celebrations.

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Passport Tapasya

When I applied for the re-issue of the passport few weeks ago, I didn’t know what was coming up. the date was given as 13th may… I wanted to be in Bangalore Ashram, but there I was, standing in the queue for 2.5 hours in the passport office at pune. All 200-300 people were given same 10 o clock timing.

All knowledge points came to help. Thankfully my father had come with me, so I could rest for a while – he doesn’t need rest.

People stood in queue from early morning I heard.

After the outside queue, we went in the office, to stand in the inside queue. fortunately, there were few chairs inside. so you slide on the chairs as you move in the Q.

All said and done, when I reach the counter I realize that I need one more document for the Urgent renewal . the concerned person was no more available in the office, since it was past one pm. so waiting from 10 am to 2:30pm, I get back to home with one more appointment.

Surely it is a penance I think.

So this time, I reach the office at 8:30, to see 127 already in Q!

Again the story goes the same, this time me continuously standing till 12 or so. Quite an interesting trek. reach 100 meter in 4 hours. keep standing on and on.

The passport officers are very prompt though. Its just that the system hasn’t grown since the time when they had may be 40 applicants to the time when they now have at least 240 applications to deal with daily. even the wall paint has faded in few places with thin layers of wall come out.

This time the application went well, and I have received passport within a week’s time as promised.

Who says you have to go to Himalayas for penance- Be it Bus Quue, school-college-engineering admission, temple darshan lines or passport office – common man does penance every day in life!

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Bizarre things in the world

A five hooded snake was found in Infosys campus in Mangalore. That leaves truth possible in the Kaliya destruction story of Krishna destroying a thousand hooded snake in Yamuna. Who knows, there could be such mutation/genetic transformation possible, in this world full of bizarre possibilities. There were dinosaurs in this world, and unless you had found their skeletons, you wouldn’t have believed that they existed. Now if that big size lizards were possible, then same big size birds could also have existed. And man being man, could have tamed even them, and could have used them to fly on, just like one rides on the horses. That leaves possibility for truth in happening of a Garuda carrying Rama.

The animals getting extinct is not so uncommon. How many sparrows and crows have you seen lately.

Another bizarre news, a snake bites a model’s breast in her sexy shoot where she was getting wrapped up by the snake. She got too close to the snake and got her silicon enhanced breast bitten. The snake died of the silicon peroxide poisoning, the model is alright after the medical care. Conclusion – don’t bite silicon enhanced breasts, you could get killed!

Seriously, what makes all these crazy things happen in the world. Who was this snake in last birth. What karma made this happen. Was it a craving in the mind of the snake in the previous birth. Anyways, we associate snakes to the physical desires!

A story says, Bheeshma was lying on the bed of arrows in the war of pandavas and kauravas. Through his vision, he looked into past 100 births and didn’t see a reason for such a thing happening to him. Krishna gave him extra yogic power, so that he could see even earlier births. The story goes that Bheeshma in his 105th previous birth, had thrown a snake out of the way, and the snake had landed in a thorny place. He had cursed Bheeshma that he should also suffer the same pain and death. And it happened.

Another bizarre thing is this case of Conjoined Twins. These are two children, twins, who have different heads, but share the vital parts like liver, heart and hence have the body joined to each other.

Another day, Guruji spoke about the process of birth. When does the particular soul/spirit gets associated with a particular body? Initially when the embryo gets formed, there is lot of competition for the body between the spirits. Normally, one of them wins, and then people like us are born. Sometimes, there is a joint winner, and both need to be given the body, so the split happens and the twins are born. Sometimes the competition for the body has run longer than expected and some parts of the body have already got formed, they can’t be separated. Then Conjoined Twins are born.

Back to the story of Kaliya destruction. Could it be a thousand souls bunched up together in the body of a snake. Who knows, it could be possible. Just like an octopus has eight limbs. Or a tree has several branches. This creation is full of possibilities.


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Karma Bhel

I booked ticket to pune few hours before the bus was to start. I thought ohh, I should inform Seema di and Amit dada, that I am coming to Pune, if there is some seva or interesting activity happening there, I can take part in it.

I reached the bus stand, looked around here and there, the bus was yet to arrive. And who calls up! Amit dada and Seema di were traveling to Pune by the same bus, along with one more volunteer who stays in the Ashram!!

They had booked a night earlier, and their seats were right next to mine! It was a great time with their company, as otherwise its a boring long journey. We ate food together, chatted around and Dada dropped me on the way when I got down at Pune.

I spent couple of days in Pune with parents. Basking in the love of family and a totally taken care off atmosphere of home, relishing the delicious food made by Aai. Then we drove our Indica to Mumbai. I drove for more than 100 km! quite fun driving the car!

It was a great time to be with Advaita again, my brother Anirudha’s son; about 8 months old now! We played and played and had a timelessness feeling. I went to the swimming pool for some rounds.

It was a terrible shoulder ache that arrested my movement for sometime. More about it later.

I went to Long Kriya and took Deva Vati for relief.

In Long Kriya, our teacher told of someone in the same building  who has done AoL course. I thought of visiting them.

I came back, and Swati, my bhabhi, told about someone from 9th floor coming to meet us, since she her child is of the same age as Advait. She was the same lady mentioned by our teacher in the long kriya! ! She was also pleasantly happy to have met someone from AoL.

The two kids had great time! And more so, Ajoba – Ajji – my parents!

On the way back, in my train from Mumbai to Bangalore, there were some kids playing around, roaming in the bogie. I talked with them, played around. Asked them which school you are from. And they told they are from SSRVM!! Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir. I met their parents and it turned out they were all traveling to Ashram for Navratri!

There was one more pretty girl in the next compartment. I was wondering how to talk to her.  🙂  She ate just one apple and slept most of the time. I think that is a secret to beauty.- Eat apple, and go to sleep!! Then I saw her reading one familiar book. It was none other than Bharath Gyan series of books, the book on “Understanding Shiva “! When I talked to her, I came to know that she was also traveling to Ashram for Navratri! !! 🙂

Then there were five more people in the same compartment, they were all expert classical singers. They were going for a performance in Mysore. We had a great ear-tainment. They appeared in a different world altogether. the world of music: Naad-brahmam!

There were few more macians – so of course they were software engineers. I kept away from them!! 🙂

Then there was a bunch of totally masti boys group, from 7th standard, from a school in Mumbai going to Bangalore-Mysore Trip. They kept playing games and it was very lively time.

Indian Railways are such a fantastic Karma Bhel. And so is life! Imagine what a terrific machine god must be, to put together people of such diverse life backgrounds together!!

Another conclusion I came to was, Wherever I go, Guruji has already reached there and left a mark of his presence! I am just following his footprints.

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Fresher’s party

We had a fresher’s party yesterday in our institute. Got to meet 8 new research scholars.It was so much fun!! We made them kids by making them act like ones! ! Ha Ha! And they playfully did.  There were lots of moments of loud laughters. Avinash played excellent Guitar and sang. Saumya is very good south indian and chinese food cook. And I am happy she is purely vegetarian. Another boy acted like Rajanikanth and said “If I hit you, even Google won’t be able to find you!!” We had some great food and general talk.
So another batch of enthusiastic youth set out to discover the sky! Only sky is the limit!