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Karma Bhel

I booked ticket to pune few hours before the bus was to start. I thought ohh, I should inform Seema di and Amit dada, that I am coming to Pune, if there is some seva or interesting activity happening there, I can take part in it.

I reached the bus stand, looked around here and there, the bus was yet to arrive. And who calls up! Amit dada and Seema di were traveling to Pune by the same bus, along with one more volunteer who stays in the Ashram!!

They had booked a night earlier, and their seats were right next to mine! It was a great time with their company, as otherwise its a boring long journey. We ate food together, chatted around and Dada dropped me on the way when I got down at Pune.

I spent couple of days in Pune with parents. Basking in the love of family and a totally taken care off atmosphere of home, relishing the delicious food made by Aai. Then we drove our Indica to Mumbai. I drove for more than 100 km! quite fun driving the car!

It was a great time to be with Advaita again, my brother Anirudha’s son; about 8 months old now! We played and played and had a timelessness feeling. I went to the swimming pool for some rounds.

It was a terrible shoulder ache that arrested my movement for sometime. More about it later.

I went to Long Kriya and took Deva Vati for relief.

In Long Kriya, our teacher told of someone in the same building  who has done AoL course. I thought of visiting them.

I came back, and Swati, my bhabhi, told about someone from 9th floor coming to meet us, since she her child is of the same age as Advait. She was the same lady mentioned by our teacher in the long kriya! ! She was also pleasantly happy to have met someone from AoL.

The two kids had great time! And more so, Ajoba – Ajji – my parents!

On the way back, in my train from Mumbai to Bangalore, there were some kids playing around, roaming in the bogie. I talked with them, played around. Asked them which school you are from. And they told they are from SSRVM!! Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir. I met their parents and it turned out they were all traveling to Ashram for Navratri!

There was one more pretty girl in the next compartment. I was wondering how to talk to her.  🙂  She ate just one apple and slept most of the time. I think that is a secret to beauty.- Eat apple, and go to sleep!! Then I saw her reading one familiar book. It was none other than Bharath Gyan series of books, the book on “Understanding Shiva “! When I talked to her, I came to know that she was also traveling to Ashram for Navratri! !! 🙂

Then there were five more people in the same compartment, they were all expert classical singers. They were going for a performance in Mysore. We had a great ear-tainment. They appeared in a different world altogether. the world of music: Naad-brahmam!

There were few more macians – so of course they were software engineers. I kept away from them!! 🙂

Then there was a bunch of totally masti boys group, from 7th standard, from a school in Mumbai going to Bangalore-Mysore Trip. They kept playing games and it was very lively time.

Indian Railways are such a fantastic Karma Bhel. And so is life! Imagine what a terrific machine god must be, to put together people of such diverse life backgrounds together!!

Another conclusion I came to was, Wherever I go, Guruji has already reached there and left a mark of his presence! I am just following his footprints.

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The whole life is Sadhana!! :)

Scene:- Ashram Satsang.

The Vishalakshi Mandap. More than 1500 happy people. The source of happiness – His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar!

Guruji:- hmmm. so we will speak in Hindi or English!?

{He started out in English, but then Swami Pragyananda entered. }

Guruji:- aapke aanese to Hindi mein hi bolenge! Swamiji ke aanese Bhasha badal gayi!! 🙂

Guruji :- hmmm. to kaise hai sab!

Everyone:- happy!! {lots of laughters, giggles and waving to Guruji!}

Guruji :- तो अभी हम कन्नड़ में ये ही कह रहे थे , की इस दुनिया में सब कुछ बदलता रहता है | कुछ ही दिन पहीले हमने सोचा की देखते देखते आर्ट ऑफ़ लिविंग को तीस साल हो गए! आज हम इधर है, तीस पैतीस साल बाद कहीं और होंगे, फिर जनम लेंगे , नया शरीर नया जीवन !  फिर  कहीं  मिलेंगे , फिर  से  सत्संग  करेंगे !

Everyone:- गुरूजी next लाइफ टाइम में भी आप का साथ चाहिए!

Guruji :- hmm . अभी तो हम है | इस जीवन में समय का सदुपयोग करें |

Guruji :- देखो तुम ऐसे सोचते हो ना, की   जीवन है और उसमे आप साधना करते हो कुछ समय के लिए | फिर बाकी समय जीवन जीते हो  | पूरा जीवन ही साधना है  ! तो अगर आप कोई भी activity कर रहे हो, तो वह साधना है| अगर कोई आप पर घुस्सा कर रहा है तो वह  साधना है|

Guruji :- और साधना परिश्रम से नही करनी है | विश्राम पूर्वक साधना | परिश्रम से शरीर तंदुरुस्त होगा , मन थोड़ी हद तक तंदुरुस्त होगा, लेकिन जो अपनी अन्दर की क्षमता है, वह विश्राम से उभर आएगी |

Guruji :- इसका मतलब ये नही, की बैठे रहे या सोते रहे ! कार्य करते समय विश्राम करना है |

Guruji :- तो  क्या  याद   रखोगे   !? जीवन  में  सब  कुछ  बदलता  रहता  है , और  पूरा  जीवन  ही  साधना  है ! 🙂

……. Flowers, claps, songs, birthday celebrations followed …….

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Building castles!

Well, it turns out that I am the last guy in the town to have started playing Age of Empires. Collecting wood, stone, gold and food for survival and dream of a world empire!

Nevertheless, I enjoy it as much as many of you would have enjoyed. And learning a lot of things too, which are practically applicable!

An amazing part is to build a castle! The stronghold of army for both defense and attack.

From Early childhood only I am fascinated by Castles. Reading stories of Shivaji and his brave army, captures and crusades for freedom, sacrifice and devotion to people of this land, the forts and castles he built and won… its literally endless. In Maharashtra alone, there are more than 40 forts!

Its interesting how realistic AoE has come out to be.

Whether this or Battle for Wesnoth, I always think as to how I can build a campaign based on Shivaji’s and Lord Ram’s and Lord Krishna’s Life. Surely they all fought some of the best wars… They need to be on the scenes of these games.

I  heard of AoE tournaments in US. that’s good. well, I think all those nations playing hate wars amongst themselves should stop that and play it on AoE and satisfy themselves!

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Its been a long time since I wrote on blog! In fact so many interesting things happened, just not enough time to share… So I decided to restart with a fresh topic and will reconcile the past in brief little later.

Today is Ekadashi. The 11th day in lunar cycle. The 11th day after a full moon or new moon is called Ekadashi.

Its a good day to observe a fast and I am doing it today! Why to fast on Ekadashi!? Read on…

You know that the tides on the ocean are caused by the Sun and the Moon. Now our body is made up of 70% water. If the Sun and the Moon can cause large bodies of water to move, they definitely affect the water in our body, and hence our mind too, as body and mind are connected.

If you carefully observe, (possible if you are a regular meditator- observing your own mind and emotions) you will notice that every full moon or new moon, you have peaks of emotions experienced. Either joy or sorrow, any emotion, it will have its peak. The mind is thus connected to the moon. And so is the bacterial activity. The growth and activity of bacterias, cockroaches and mosquitos and other such insects, is maximum on the full moon and new moon day. The crimes are maximum on a new moon and a full moon day too! People act out of the emotions instead of intellect.

To avoid such turmoil on full moon or new moon, fasting 4 days before that, on Ekadashi, is good for the body and mind. This shunts the bacterial growth in the stomach, gives rest to the stomach and cleanses any impurities of indigestion. Stomach is one organ which keeps working 24 x 7! You give rest to all organs, but when does stomach rest? Even in night it is digesting the dinner. One must give rest to stomach. Also, there are three things we have been doing in all our lifetimes. Whether as a cockroach or a mosquito or a dog or a human being. Each life we have had food, sex and sleep. So these are the three deepest impressions on our consciousness. Fasting reduces the grip of food habit on our consciousness.

How to fast!? There are lot of options, and one should take it according to one’s system:

Just having water.

Or just having a single type of fruit.

Third is you can have variety of fruits, milk.

Finally few simple to digest grains and fruits and milk can be taken on fast.

After the day of fast, you can choose to leave the fast on the dinner or leave it on the next day breakfast.

In Marathi it is called as “Upawas”. One more meaning of “Upawas” is sitting close. Sitting close to the divine. Eating to live not living to eat. Engaging in the spiritual activities beyond the mundane daily life. Doing Sadhana Seva Satsang.

With this BIG understanding, Rishis had put these habits in the culture and tradition of our country!!

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There is something common in the life in Mumbai, IIT Mumbai and Tirupathi. The atmosphere in these three places is made up by the people living there. In Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, you would walk faster than normal sheerly because of the speed with everyone walks around. The city has that speed. In IITB you will feel an air of confidence and in Tirupathi devotion will down by itself, without your efforts – simply because of the people around. This is how you create a world around yourself. Incidenty, IIT and Tirupathi never sleep too! You would find students on campus of IIT moving around, sipping coffee, studying or just chatting, watching TV even at 2pm in night.In Tirupathi, the temple is open for devotees till 1.30 in night and reopens at 4, starting preparations at 3.30am. Since devotees keep queuing, food stalls are on, stationary and showpiece stalls are on, travel and hotels are on, and the whole Tirumala hill top is Switched On all the time! In addition being totally vegetarian, alcohol and tobacco free place, the place has an aura of purity and sanctity. For many people its the most precious experience in their life, and many have left the other activities in their life for this one visit to Tirumala. The whole atmosphere is charged up with devotion from people then.

YES!+ has all the three things put together, thanks to Bawa and Dinesh, who come from IITB themselves- it has speed, in fact the logo is ”accelerating excellence”, it has fun, masti, confidence, and it has the purity of devotion.

In such dazzling city of Mumbai, I spent some 8-10 days and this is a brief about those days. जिथे  जिवाची   मुम्बई  करायला  लोक   जातात , ते हे  शहर . इथे  तुम्ही  तुमची  स्वतःची  एक  जागा  बनवू  शकता . तुमचे  एक  स्वतःचे  जग  बनवु  शकता.

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“To LET” This sign board is attracting my greatest attention these days!


Well, its not do deewane, but one deewana, still this song is interesting to recall:-

Good old movies made so much more sense than two piece dance numbers!

p.s. Oh I just now noticed that there is better apt song also:-

However, things are not THAAAAAAAT bad!

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Karma, Faith and Service

I saw an interesting play of Karma today. I wasn’t sure, but one friend asked if I would come to Ashram, and so I thought may be yes I will go. Another of my friends asked if I could pick up some vegetables and go with her to Ashram. I said if it didn’t rain, I would go, as I didn’t want to get wet. Though I wished I could have gone early with her.

Now, I started for Ashram at about 7:30 from Koramangala. 

It drizzled. Bike’s petrol got over. Dragged it for half a kilometer.

Gave lift to a person for one km. 

Satsang was amazing- just a glimpse of the Master is so wonderful. Guruji tuned up Hari Narayana song in a different way today.

Then gave lift to another friend. 

When I dropped him at one location, little before his destination, I saw one girl standing with atleast 5 bags of vegetables in her hands. She was very beautiful, had bright face, shining sparkle in eyes and wore wonderful kumkum.

India-portrait-girl-dhanjiI asked her,” बहनजी, क्या में आपको कहीं छोड़ सकता हूँ ?” She was hesitant, but cheerful. She said , “no, I will take an auto.” But she wasn’t getting an auto for quite some time, and it was somewhere around 10pm already, so I suggested, “see you are carrying so many things, I can leave you to your home.” I was polite and had total honor for her. So she agreed. I asked her if she was comfortable. I left her at her home. We just exchanged our names. And left.

I want my country to be a place where there is no fear. There is lot of faith, and people readily available for service. May this whole world be so.

So, in conclusion, though I wished not to get wet, wasn’t sure of Ashram trip, didn’t say yes for carrying vegetables with a friend to Ashram:- I did get wet, went to Ashram, and did give lift to a girl carrying vegetables! 

It is said in Karma that most of the events you are destined to go through, you will go through- your actions can only alter them little bit. e.g. if you are supposed to be struck by an arrow, you will be struck by an arrow, but instead of head, it can carry away your cap- if you live good life.