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Know Your Child Workshops!

Taught one in Hubli and recently one in Ramanashree Center of Bangalore! Its a really cute workshop!

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Back to Chess!

gheesh ! I havent’ blogged for like ages. earlier blogging was similar to breathing. latest activity i am doing is to teach chess! Chess has been my first love in life and its amazing how i used to think of Life as a game of Chess!

Its a cool thing that SSRVM has introduced Chess in its school for all the students. That way they learn to think properly! plan, strategize, organize, look for alternatives and so on!

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Danke Schooooooooooooooon!!!

First and foremost I would like to thank Prof. Jayant Murthy for his huge patience and perseverance.  My PhD work is complete because of his consistent encouragement and guidance in my research career. He gave me great insights and taught me lot of skills of scientific analysis.
I thank Prof. Arnab Rai Choudhuri for his valuable support and guidance.
This work wouldn’t have been possible without help of my seniors Dr. Sujatha and Dr. Shalima, and the discussions with them have been of great help. Lots of thanks to my collegues and friends from IIA,  – Anantha, Nataraj, Jaydeep, Sampoorna, Shashikant, Ekta and others. Its been a great research experience at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, and the Institute has supported my research and other requirements with lots of facilities and efficient Administrations. I thank all the members of IIA for the excellent research environment here.

PhD is a long time thing, and many many people have supported and encouraged me to complete it.

Thanks to Sabariram for standing by in all tough times; Karpagavalli for lots of verbal pinches and tasty dosas; Pooja for setting an example; Jaydeep for making science fun; Mansi for clearing the cobwebs in my mind; Rashmin for laughing out loud on me; Shailendra for  getting me going; Aditi for teaching me survival skills in cooking; Sabariram (again), Mahesh, Shantanu, Shyam,  Rohit, Divakar, Akhilesh, Vinod for sharing me space in their caves; Guruprasad and Archana for a lovely time in IISc; Amit (Ghost) for making joke out of everything; Priyamani for her jewel story; Ashutosh for being the complete Scientist friend; Bawa for giving me a Physics toy; DineshG for Making Study Simple; Rajesh S for helping me in planning out my life; Jeetu for leading as a Spiritual Scientist; my Parents for being an what they are; My Brother for a helping hand anytime; Bhabhi for making me dream big; Advaita, my nephew, for coming in this world at the right time{! 🙂 }; Many who consulted me as a Physics Maths Electronics teacher, for they kept the fire burning!

….oh this list is endless!

Let me see who didn’t help. Coming to think of it, That list is empty.

Thanks to Poojya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji for giving me a new outlook to the world, life and myself.

So whose PhD degree is it anyway guys, its all yours ! Have it and Enjoy!! Cheers!

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Stress Free Teaching Workshop and Know Your Child Workshop

Yesterday it was a great time teaching a Stree Free Teaching workshop with Anupama in a school nearby, St. Paul School. Its being on the other side of an Art of Living course!  Its interesting to see how one after another participants opens up. They share this and that question and its all so relevant. It was a workshop for all school teachers.  They handle some 30-40 children in a nursery and lower kinder garden and upper kinder garden classes. I can imagine how challenging it will be!

And today we had one more Know Your Child Workshop with Mansi, in Mantri Tranquil near Gokulam on Kanakapura road. The parents had many queries and it was all well answered. We will soon be having programs for kids and other AoL programs there.

And Again, we had another Stress Free Teaching workshop for teachers of the Presidency school in Nandini Layout. Rama ji took the workshop with me assisting in yoga. It was nice to see how well she could connect to all the participating teachers. The travel to Nandini Layout, a place 20 km from my home, was an interesting one! Google maps work, albeit with a careful vigilant eye and a couple of road enquiries! I went on long long outer ring road, going at my top speeds!

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Building castles!

Well, it turns out that I am the last guy in the town to have started playing Age of Empires. Collecting wood, stone, gold and food for survival and dream of a world empire!

Nevertheless, I enjoy it as much as many of you would have enjoyed. And learning a lot of things too, which are practically applicable!

An amazing part is to build a castle! The stronghold of army for both defense and attack.

From Early childhood only I am fascinated by Castles. Reading stories of Shivaji and his brave army, captures and crusades for freedom, sacrifice and devotion to people of this land, the forts and castles he built and won… its literally endless. In Maharashtra alone, there are more than 40 forts!

Its interesting how realistic AoE has come out to be.

Whether this or Battle for Wesnoth, I always think as to how I can build a campaign based on Shivaji’s and Lord Ram’s and Lord Krishna’s Life. Surely they all fought some of the best wars… They need to be on the scenes of these games.

I  heard of AoE tournaments in US. that’s good. well, I think all those nations playing hate wars amongst themselves should stop that and play it on AoE and satisfy themselves!

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Kolkata visit contd.. Dakshineshwar Temple

Further in Kolkata, I attended the YES!+ with 1200 other youth and a very dynamic Atika di taught us.It was very well organized, and all were blessed to get Guruji’s time on day three! He playfully toyed with his colorful umbrella!

I think it was also the time when that unfortunate blast in Pune happened on valentine day eve.

Guruji said that this knowledge has to reach to all people, so that such activities do not take place.

In his packed schedule, Guruji inaugurated a plantation drive and set off to North East.

I also visited the Sri Sri Academy which was then to be inaugurated soon. My friend Mansi was doing some excellent seva there for a month already. The academy is very well equipped. Each class has those little benches for the kids! Also amazing was the toy collection and the music room. In Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, SSRVM, the way kids are introduced to music is very unique. They are allowed to actually play with the instruments and whichever instrument the kid spends most time with, he/she is taught that. Isn’t it fantastic way to introduce music!!

Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata

My stay in Kolkata got fortunately extended because of lack of availability of required flight back home. And that introduced me to wonderful family of my friend Arunita, with whom I stayed. I had a delicious meal and lots of interesting discussions. In the morning, Uncle showed me way to Dakshineshwar, the Kali temple where Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans meditated. The temple consists of Kali temple in front of which such 12 Shiva temples are also located, only three seen here. It was a lovely sight. I took short darshan of Kali temple and sat in the hall next to it to meditate. And aho! It was so very wonderful there. The vibes of the devi shakti and Ramakrishna ji can be felt there… I fell in meditation very easily.

Incidentally, I recall getting introduced to Ramakrishna ji through Amar Chitra Katha books in my childhood!! I recall many stories about him… Will write them soon.